4 Amazing Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

Earning money from Pinterest might look difficult at first view, but it is easier than you think if you are passionate about what you do.

Pinterest is one of the main image sharing platforms which got recognition due to its creative content. It has millions of users who spend a good amount of time on the platform sharing their creative ideas in the images, products, and art format to audiences who have similar interests.

Pinterest is not just a photo-sharing platform. Consider it as your own personal bulletin board. You can make your own boards and keep them public or private as per your need. Pinterest also allows you to keep some of the pictures in the private mode and restrict others from viewing it. You get complete control of your Pinterest page. The pictures you upload on Pinterest are stored in the separate boards.

You can make multiple boards as per your requirement and divide the pictures according to its category. The public boards are visible to everyone who has access to your profile. You can use the board to engage with like-minded people on your Pinterest profile and build a large community. Once you have a big community in terms of followers then all you have to do is find a way to share your ideas or product and earn income from it.

Here are 4 ways you can earn money from Pinterest:

Create Your Own Product

Once you have built up a following, naturally creating a product is a great step in monetising your Pinterest profile. The product can be anything that people would love to use and find helpful in their everyday life. You can write an eBook and list it on Amazon for purchase. Once you have a good number of followers, you just need to share your product with your followers.

Collaborate With Relevant Businesses

As you begin to grow, you will be able to show the analytic data of your Pinterest page to companies who have products or services related to your niche. These companies are generally looking for an engaged community where they can promote their product at an affordable price. Write a list of the top companies who are related to your niche and have a product which is suitable for your audience. Get in touch with them and show them how you will promote their product on your Pinterest profile and negotiate a price. You can charge them a good amount to run a promotional campaign.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Gold Mine

Affiliate marketing works for all kinds of platform. No matter what content you are sharing on your Pinterest profile, if your page has good interaction between the users and people are participating effectively on your board, then that shows you have potential users to whom you can sell your affiliate products. You can simply register to the affiliate sites and get the referral link to share on your Pinterest board. People who buy the product through your affiliate link provides you the opportunity to earn the percentage on each sale.

Teaching Others

Do you have an in demand skill or expertise? The teaching business has good potential in the industry. It can become a strong online income source which will pay you a good amount by spending a few hours every day teaching others. The Pinterest board will help you to represent yourself as the expert in the industry and start your own online teaching business. You can charge for hourly training and get paid from the Pinterest users.


There are many ways to make money from Pinterest while being able to  work from home and build passive income for yourself and your family. You just need to find your niche and plan the long-term strategy to reach your goals.

Remember, it might take some time to build your audience on the Pinterest. You have to be patient and stay consistent in your effort until you start getting a significant result from your Pinterest Profile. Follow above instruction and start on your way to making money from home through Pinterest.

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